Much controversy has been created lately with the legal regime of British expats who wish to reside in Greece after 1/1/2021. Lately the 4000/1-113-a decision of the Greek government provides a coherent framework as to the above issue.

In particular it is now established that the police will be the relevant authority which will issue the new residency permit. Permits are categorized in 2 types. The first one is valid for 10 years, and the second for 5 years. Those British who have already got the residency permit from the police (beige colour), according with the old regime will be  be awarded a new permit for 10 years , whereas those who have not got it, will be given the second one for 5, on the condition that they fulfill the criteria the new law sets.

The relevant application needs to be submitted to the police by the applicant himself or through his/her lawyer with a power of attorney. Along with the application several other documents need to be provided such as

1) Copy of the passport,

2) 4 colored pictures,

3) Older residency permit (in case there is one)

4) Proof of residency in Greece.

Lastly the applicant must arrange an appointment to provide biometric details too.

In case you have further enquiries and you wish to apply for residency permit after 1/1/2021 please do not hesitate to contact us.

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