From 1st of January 2014 property purchase or transfer tax is 3%. The Greek government modified the transfer tax from 8% up to 20.000 Euros and 11% for any amount exceeding 20.000, down to 3%.
To this end they applied Capital gains tax on behalf of the seller. However its application and the way of payment is still pending.

Capital gains are the difference between the purchase (acquisition) price paid by the taxpayer andthe selling price payable to him.
The capital gains taxes are the percentage of 15% on the capital gain.

The capital gains, are reducted by applying the following rates :

Years of acqusition Reduction
From 1-5 095
Above 5-10 087
Above 10 to 15 0.79
Above 15 to 20 0.73
Above 20 to 25 0.66
More than 25 0.60

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